Science Stage 1 – Living Things


The first activity undertaken in October as part of our STEM projects was to look at Science: Living Things. Mr. Carey suggested we link Living Things to Tree Week. Thank you to Mr. Carey and Rang 6 for all their hard work in organising a fun and educational Week for all the pupils. We class was given the opportunity to examine the trees and their leaves/fruits that are present on our school grounds. Every class also got the opportunity to plant their own class tree in an attempt to promote the positive effects trees have on our environment. Finally all classes participated in a discovery trail of the trees on our school grounds again prepared and lead by Mr. Carey. Check out the pictures below of a number of classes participating in the activities of Tree Week.  


Other classes have also been busy focusing on their own elements of Living Things throughout the year. 1st class have been learning about the life cycle of the frog. They have even begun a real life example with Tadpoles in their classroom. 

Our Junior ASD class have also been learning about the life cycle of frogs and keeping a close eye on the tadpoles. 

2nd class have also been looking at Birds. They have been learning about the different birds you would find in your garden. They have created some lovely displays of their work for everyone to see in the school corridor. 

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