STEM Show and Tell

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Show and Tell – Sharing the learning. During Science week many classes invited the children to present experiments of their choice. Many fine displays were witnessed. Junior Infants were also treated to some Show and Tell from the older classes. Here you can see a cross class collaboration. Siblings were also invited up to help out their older brothers and sisters to demonstrate how their experiments worked. 

Our first class tadpoles have been attracting much attention. It’s great to see the children from our junior ASD class keeping a close eye on the progress of the tadpoles as they grow. Thank you to 1st class for sharing this learning experience with us all. 

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Senior Infants completed great projects as part of the materials brief. They made rockets, boats, aeroplanes etc… from waste and recyclable materials. They really did a great job, not only in making such decorative and creative items but in sharing and explaining the processes so well to the older children in 3rd class. Thank you Senior Infants for you show and tell session in sharing the learning. 


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