Engineering Speaker

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On Friday 6th March, we welcomed Declan Power from Garrett Engineering to our school as part of our Engineering Week celebrations. Declan brought a Turbo Charger for us to examine. He also asked the children about all the different types of engineers there are aside from his field of mechanical engineering. The children were quick to inform us that there are modern types of engineers now; software and computer engineers. 

Declan demonstrate using a candle and a lighter that an internal combustion engine needs 3 things; a spark, fuel and air which in turn lead to movement. The children were very intrigued by his presentation. It was also wonderful to hear certain children share their knowledge on the topic of engineering, sparking an interest in the topic from a young age. 

The children and staff of Ballyduff National School would like to extend a sincere thanks to Declan for taking the time to come and talk to us. Happy Engineering Week! 

Here you can see the children from the different classes listening attentively, asking questions and sharing their knowledge with Declan. 


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