Welcome to Discover Primary Science and Maths 2020

Welcome to our submission for the Discover Primary Science and Maths award for 2020. This year we are applying for the Plaque of STEM Excellence, an award which is given to schools that carry out extensive work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM); all of which are very important to us here in Ballyduff N.S.

We have decided to apply for the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Primary Science and Maths Award in recognition of all the Science, technology, engineering and maths work done in the school. The children have been so enthusiastic and have loved every minute of the STEM workshops and activities!

The following list illustrates the number of STEM initiates and events which took place in Ballyduff N.S. throughout the 2019-2020 school year; Science Week, Visiting speaker, Science trip to W.I.T., computer club, coding sessions, distance learning platforms, visiting engineer, examination of local engineering, Maths week, Maths trails, cross class numeracy collaborations, Maths eyes, problem solving initiatives and Science Show and Tell collaborations….. 

You will see from our Blog the wide variety of activities undertaken and the huge numbers of children involved. We are very proud to say that children from Junior Infants right through to 6th class, along with children from our ASD classes, were all involved in contributing to our STEM events. 

Unfortunately we did not get to complete some of the projects we had planned as a school  before we were forced into Distance Learning but you will see how we managed to overcome some of the obstacles from a distance.  

A huge amount of work has gone into this, well done to all of our pupils and staff who all took part. We are using our blog to submit our award and to link back to our activities that have taken part during the year. 
Please click on the all blog entries to link back to the 5 different steps of the awards criteria. We hope you enjoy looking through some of the work our whole school has been carrying out.

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