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Safety Week 2020

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Christion’s Class

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing okay. Here are a few activities for you to do during the week.

Daily schedules will support your child through their day ( pinterest have lots of examples)

School Hub is on RTE 2 DAILY (Mon – Fri) 11a.m

P.E – Along with daily exercise try and for some more fun activities. In addition, you could create an obstacle course outside. This can be done by using what is available to you such as run around the tree, jump over the stick, run fast/slow etc.

Art – Try vegetable paint stamps with your child. Cut slices of vegetables such as potatoes, peppers, cucumbers and get them to explore patterns to create a unique piece of artwork! This can also be done with ice cubes and fingers.

Literacy Games – Play a name game with your child. This can be done by using everyday objects in the home or garden. Pick an item and say what it is, get you child to say it then ask them “What is this?”

Memory Games – These games can be played with a desk of cards, pictures of animals, objects etc. also has an abundance of interactive games.

Independent Living Skills – Pick a new skill and focus on that until your child has achieved it successfully, such as sweeping the floor, making a sandwich etc.

Maths – Continue to work on the clock.

Board Games – Continue to teach your child how to play a boardgame at home so that everyone can play together.

Daily Chores – Use visuals if they are required. Have a chore chart or chore cup for your child so your child can see what chores need to be done supporting independent living. Ensure you have a finished area for a chore chart it can be a tick system, the chore cup can have an additional cup to show where the finished ones go.

Religion – Bible stories on youtube. Saying prayers with your child; Morning / Night Prayer, Grace Before / After Meals, Our Father, Hail Mary

Have conversations with your child – days of the week, months of the year, members of the family, the weather, the birds we see, the trees we see.

Read books on to a member of your family.