Active School Week – Some Activities Explained

Active School Week 

Some Activities Explained

  • SPRINTS: Place your 2 Cones or Garden Objects 10 m apart on a flat, non-slip surface (or 20m if you have sufficient space). Come up with a little programme of sprints that suits your own
  • LONG JUMP: At the Start Line, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, facing forwards with your toes just behind the When you’re ready, dip slightly at the knees and jump as far as you can, raising your arms up above your head to propel yourself forward as far as possible. Do a number of jumps and record your jumps.
  • HIGH JUMP: Get a cord, rope, clothes line etc and attach end to end
  • SPIN & BIN: Get a number of tennis balls, sliotars, soft balls etc and place a bin/bucket 5m Do a number of spins and then try getting as many in the bin/bucket as possible. Change distance and number of spins etc.
  • BRING SALLY UP: This is one of my Check out the you tube link for the Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge
  • 10 @ 10: The children will know this from school. Start with 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 side bends and so on for your daily 10@10, or they can follow an episode on:
  • 100 Touch Challenge: You need a ball and a wall. Solo, 10 left & right. Pick up, 10 left & right. Fist pass, 10 left & right. Punt kick, 10 left & right. Body catch 10. High catch 10
  • Wake Up Shake Up: Give 10 mins stretching first thing when you get up in the
  • Hokey Pokey: A classic active song and dance routine, sing along while moving your limbs, why not try doing it to the gaeilge version!
  • Drop & Dance: If you hear a lively tune on the radio, drop everything and dance for the length of the song!
  • Obstacle Course: Design a back yard obstacle Be creative!
  • Circuits: Design a set of circuits at home for Skipping, jog on the spot, sit ups, lunges, jumping jacks etc.



  • Heads or Tails: You need a 2 players. Choose heads or tails. If it lands on your side you gain one point. If you lose you must complete a challenge, eg 10 jumping jacks. Game complete when you get 10 points.
  • GO Noodle: Pick some online Go Noodle Activities
  • Freestyle Dance: Put together a freestyle dance routine to a song you
  • Ring Toss: Good old fashioned ring Maybe get creative and make rings yourself out of cardboard. Pegs in the ground, sticks even and off you go.
  • Foosball Table: One little Art activity challenge for the Design your own foosball table using a shoebox, clothes pegs, skewers / straws.
  • A.W.S.: Check out the link for your classes’ water safety online presentation.
  • No Man’s Land: The object of the game is to attempt to throw the ball into the opposite zone without the opposition catching. All throws MUST be underarm throws and must go above head-height. The opposition will attempt to catch the ball overhead before the ball hits the ground. See link
  • Cross the Swamp: What you need – some toys, two pillows. How to play – Place toys 8m away from start line, space in between start line and toys is a swamp, to rescue toys you must cross the swamp using 2 pillows at a time, and retrieve one toy at a How many can you retrieve in 4 mins! Watch out for the crocs 😉
  • Animal Challenge: Frog Jumps, Bear Walk, Gorilla Shuffle (Sink into a low sumo squat and shuffle around), Starfish Jumps, Cheetah Run (run on the spot, super-fast), Crab Crawl, Elephant Stomps (High knees marching).
  • Gymnastics: Try completing a set of routines you remember from Gymnastic classes in Safety first!
  • First to 50: Roll a Die & complete the action. 1x Burpee, 2x press up’s, 3x sit ups, 4x lunges, 5x squats, 6x star jumps. Add totals. First to 50
  • Dog Yoga Pose: Try a fun yoga pose and use your leg to wag that happy tail! See how to do this pose 5 minutes into this clip:
  • Poisonous Stump: Using a soft item for this game, if you touch the object you are out!

Please remember safety first, please do a warm up and always have an adult supervising.