iZak 9 Returns!


We are very fortunate to have use of the iZak 9 Cubes again this year. We love developing our skills in collaborative learning and problem solving. The children from 3rd to 6th class will get to experience working with this fantastic resource over the coming weeks! Thank you to Mr.Carey for organising access to the cubes once again.84CA67D4-691D-483E-84FF-2465262F0A51 92CA15D4-74EC-465F-8C2E-E203AE367250 A7C42F65-FD2E-4197-8646-1B5DDE4B57BA D2650AD5-4E10-4585-91BE-7A46FAFEED44 423DA980-D9DB-4C32-9258-EC2F04523F7B

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